We finance fit outs in the following sectors:

How we specialise in the fit out finance sector

There are many banks who will gladly finance the purchase or development of a building via a mortgage or secured bank loan facility. Leasing companies will finance office furniture and other tangible assets such as catering, CCTV or gym equipment for example. However, the fit out costs, the preliminaries, surveys, design costs, decorating, electrical and other “soft” costs can fall into a void which the banks and leasing companies do not wish to fund. This is where Fit Out Finance can step in.

For most of the projects Fit Out Finance get involved in, the value of the intangible fit out costs are often more than the tangible value of the assets that can be leased. Saying that, leasing and asset finance are still key to what we do here. We aim to finance all of your refurbishment, redevelopment or relocation project.

An independent leasing and asset finance company for refurbishment, redevelopment and relocation

Like most of our clients, Fit Out Finance is an independent, privately owned business, which means that we can provide the kind of individual, bespoke service that we ourselves would enjoy.
We are a finance, leasing and asset finance broker, specialising in the fit out sector. We are not a lender in our own right. With access to over thirty finance companies in the UK, we aim to be able to gain a credit acceptance for over 90% of the clients we work with.

Our team are experienced in working with UK companies who are looking to fund these types of projects, hence we are confident we will be able to help you.

How do we arrange finance for your business?

For most of the relocation, refurbishment or relocation finance opportunities we get involved in, we use a blended source of finance. Finance, lease and asset finance facilities we can offer include:

  • Finance lease or what some people refer to as lease rental
  • Unsecured business loans
  • Hire purchase, or lease purchase
  • Operating leases – In most contracts we get involved in, we are able fund up to 100% of your fit out project using a number of the finance facilities above

Multiple finance facilities

We have access to many funders or finance providers. Often the finance solutions we put in place are completed using several lenders. We might use a bank loan for a deposit or architect’s expenses then use a separate leasing facility offering a lease for office furniture. This offers significant benefits as we can often fund higher values than one finance company on their own.

Who are Fit Out Finance?

Please read more about our company and who we are in the About Us section. Our company information and corporate responsibly section can be found at the bottom of this page.