Fit Out Finance
Corporate Responsibility

Fit Out Finance takes corporate responsibility seriously. Our policy does not just deal with the legal obligations we have as a company, but the wider moral obligations we have to our staff, customers, partners we work with and the environment we operate in.

Environmental Issues

We respect the obligations a company has on the environment it operates in. Our company will regularly look at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and that of the customers we serve.

Carbon Footprint

  • Fit Out Finance are an advocate of the benefits of LED lighting technology and actively promote these benefits to our customers

  • Our fleet management division (WestWon Fleet Ltd) understand CO2 emissions of vehicles and make recommendations to clients as to how to reduce their carbon footprint via the use of fuel efficient vehicles

  • Fit Out Finance, to the best of our ability, are a paperless office, scanning documentation as opposed to photocopying and storing files

  • The vast majority of the company cars we operate, will be chosen on their CO2 emissions and fuel efficiency

Regional Offices

We ensure that our offices are clean, safe and comply with health and safety, fire regulations and general heating and ventilation guidelines.