Funding For Warehouse Fit Outs

We have long experience in providing funding for warehouse fit outs. Indeed over the years we have provided funding for clients ranging from a multi-million dollar US corporation setting up in the UK, to small independent freight forwarders.

Most of our clients are independent, owner managed businesses whose warehouses are either a backdrop to their own product distribution, or warehousing is itself the business.

Unlike more formal business premises, such as hotels and nursing homes, the equipment focus here isn’t on visual impact or creative design, it is on accessibility, security, efficiency and working environment.

Using leasing to create a state of the art environment can derive direct financial benefits for you, for your clients and for your staff.

What do warehouse owners finance?

Our approach at Fit Out Finance is to fund up to 100% of the project costs using a mix of leasing, hire purchase and unsecured loans.

In the case of warehouses, a comprehensive fit out of a new unit will entail many costs that traditional finance companies will deem unsuitable for funding; in a recent warehouse fit out, we are able to provide leasing on costs as diverse as directional lines on the floor, scooters and bikes to get around the facility and a firewall.

In many other cases, the owner will be simply bringing a facility up to date, meeting the requirements of insurers or responding to changes in their environment.

We have been happy to provide finance either as a package or individually for:

  • Leasing of warehouse access or roller doors

  • Finance for warehouse racking and shelving

  • Leasing CCTV and alarm systems and emergency signage for premise security

  • Leasing of LED lighting to reduce operational cost and enhance wellbeing for warehouse staff

  • Funding of handling and access equipment

  • Unsecured loans for ad-hoc work and development costs in and around warehouse premises

Warehouse funding and other funders

In most cases our clients will have a reasonable ongoing banking relationship – if the premises are freehold, the bank will often have provided mortgage funding. In leasehold premises they might support the business with overdraft facilities and potentially a business loan.

Far from being a barrier, appropriate use of banking facilities is a benefit to us. We are very happy to work alongside bank and other prime lenders on warehouse fit out projects, picking up the assets that they don’t like, usually on an unsecured basis.

Crucially, and leasing we arrange on your warehouse facilities will leave your existing bank facilities intact to use for working capital requirements.

When would you contact Fit Out Finance?

Our clients feature a number of scenarios, including:

Start up. Naturally a cash-hungry phase of business. Whether your business uses a warehouse as part of the distribution process or is a dedicated warehousing provider it is usually unwise to use your start up capital to fund a warehouse fit out – far better to use appropriate leasing facilities and allow the business to pay from cashflow.

Additional premises / relocation. Typically these will involve a full refurbishment and fit out, which can be a drain on cashflow. For existing businesses not only can we provide lease finance for most of your fit out costs, but we can potentially provide unsecured loan facilities to cover project and removal costs.

Ongoing upgrades and enhancements. Fit Out Finance is always happy to provide lease finance for all types of warehouse equipment either bought individually or as part of a rolling refurbishment project.