The results of investing in a great customer experience can be seen in your customer reviews. If you have a great all-round proposition, you are more likely to feel confident in asking for reviews.

Sites like TripAdvisor, TrustPilot together with listings sites like Trivago,, LateRooms, Expedia and more all provide opportunities to leave feedback. You should also factor Facebook and Google reviews into your planning as places where good experiences can be recorded.

There are lots of good reasons to proactively seek reviews and to ask for them as early as possible. If a positive experience is front of mind you want to capture that before the detail is forgotten. The more specific any feedback is, you can either use it in active promotion or use it to quickly address areas of concern.

There are lots of ways to encourage all visitors to leave positive feedback including

  • Offering cards at check in and check out.
  • Adding links to receipts in the bar, restaurant and spa.
  • Putting stickers in windows and in rooms.
  • Sharing feedback and reviews around your venue to show customers you value feedback.

Online reviews are a critical component of the marketing mix for a hotel and hospitality businesses. Many people evaluate the selection online and take into consideration reviews before spending money on hotel stays, meals out, business functions or spa days.

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