Any Google, TripAdvisor or Trivago search will present your hotel business together with related images. Many of these often feature the building itself.

Your venue must be clean and tidy, freshly painted and with the appropriate level of signage so visitors can find their way in and around. An old TV property show termed the phrase ‘kerb appeal’ and it is important as it can impact first impressions.

But, often the thing that carries the most weight is the quality of the reception carpet. Carpet is an expensive commodity and one which depreciates but one that can carry the brand and make an immediate and appealing visual impact.

Attention should be given to all the aspects covered in other sections

  • Signage
  • Digital screens (AV considerations)
  • The design of the reception desk and area
  • Art / wall hangings
  • Furniture
  • Internal lighting
  • Exterior lighting
  • External sculptures
  • Flowers

It is unlikely that you will find a bank to support funding for ‘soft assets’ such as front of house carpets, as they hold no residual value. However, a specialist fit-out finance provider will fund based on their inherent value to the business.

These secondary elements are important to creating the ambiance that leads to visitors having a better experience, such that they leave positive reviews, so you can build your business and its profitability.

A thriving hospitality business with sustained good reviews is more likely to receive awards and accolades – which in turn will lead to more customers. A virtuous circle which creates opportunities to re-invest and developing your offering and facilities further.

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