Hotel leisure facilities are one of the ‘nice to have’ aspects for some hotel businesses, especially those targeting business and international customers.

Quality hotel leisure facilities can move a property from 3 stars to 4 stars, potentially attracting a higher calibre of spending customer.

Most independent hotels offering leisure facilities do so through a restricted space – often a single room with a few free weights, a bike and a cross trainer. Leisure provision escalates from this entry level to include more machines, changing and shower facilities, to sauna and plunge pools and showers, and ultimately swimming pool areas at the top end.

At the top end, spas are often central to the marketing of a lot of hotel strategies,  providing recurring revenue streams adding to the seven day, round the clock revenue potential of your business.

Adding spa facilities to your hotel offering does the following:

  • Creates a competitive advantage against other local hotels leading to increased bookings / occupancy (and reducing the temptation to discount).
  • Enhances the overall guest experience, leading to positive feedback and reviews which are critical to online marketing.
  • Keeps guests on site, therefore spending their money in your bar, restaurant etc. rather than somebody else’s.
  • Creates referrals and recommendations. There is no better source of business than word of mouth from a satisfied customer.
  • Adds the purchase of spa-related accessories and consumables.
  • Provides a defined targeted marketing opportunity for ‘spa breaks’.

Well-designed hotel leisure facilities offer a range of income streams when you consider the potential users. You might offer several gym memberships packages for off peak, on-peak, older visitors, hotel guests, corporate memberships, classes, fitness classes, baby swimming lessons and more.


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